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Polo Ralph Lauren x Element - Polo Country Skate Camp

Polo Ralph Lauren x Element Polo Country Skate Camp

When 13 skaters from 10 different countries joined the Element pro team in Oregon, USA, what transpired was a week of real human exchange in nature. With the help of our partner skate shops, each shop was able to send a skater from their community to Seek Skate camp in the majestic Mt. Hood National Forest. During the subsequent days, friendships were forged and lasting memories made through a shared love of skateboarding and being outside. Despite coming from diverse backgrounds and not always sharing a common language, the unifying language and passion of skateboarding bonded this crew of amazing individuals. 


Watch the entire short film "Skate Camp" here to experience what went down at the Polo Ralph Lauren x Element Polo Country Skate Camp. 

Lena, Switzerland

Takanosuke, Japan

Wannes, Belgium

Genshin, Japan

Moses, Sweden

Olivia, France

As a part of our collaboration with Polo Ralph Lauren, we wanted to get back to something that we know well, which is getting out in the natural world to find how far our skateboards can take us. Sharing the values of community and nature, the idea to host a skate camp was an natural fit. Members of the Element team including Donny Barley, Gabriel Fortunato, Jaakko Ojanen, Vitória Mendonça, Rafaela Costa, Kukka Suvioja, Brandon Westgate and Greyson Beal were on site to host the skaters who had converged on Mt. Hood National Forest to experience a skate trip unlike anything they had experienced previously.


The famed facility at Seek Skate Camp on the banks of the Sandy river is where the campers got to spend their week. The crew skated the world-class concrete park and spots in downtown Portland. They also ventured into to wilderness for hikes, lake swimming and various workshops with expert mentors. The camp experience was simple— it was entirely based around skateboarding, the outdoors and mutual respect.  

Nature & Hiking

Being situated in the Mt. Hood National Forest, the campers were able to walk out their front doors into one of America's most famed natural settings. With the help of our friend, pro skater Silas Baxter Neal, he lead the crew on a hike through his home territory, offering local knowledge of the indigenous flora and fauna. 


Spoiled for choice, the campers had one of the best concrete skateparks in America at Seek Skate Camp to skate with the Element team every day of the trip. To round it off, a misty DIY spot in the woods and a day trip to downtown Portland and its legendary Burnside skatepark made this a dream for any skater. Making the most of it, the campers absolutely ripped. 

35mm Photography Workshop

Our friend from Thrasher Magazine, photographer Joe Brook was kind enough to come up to camp and put on a 35mm film photography workshop with the campers. He provided everyone with a camera, film and professional tips for them to use during the week. The result: a collection of candid, beautiful and unforgettable images that were shared amongst the campers and pros. 

Veg-Dyeing Course

Local Portland artisan, Emi Joyce was another one of our special guests and she put on a veg-dying workshop for the campers. They foraged for different plants, ranging from flowers to pinecones that they then turned into dye to create their own one-of-a-kind bandannas and shirts. 

24/7 - Nijmegen, Netherlands

Amigos Skateshop - Barcelona, Spain

Black Sheep Skate Shop - Manchester, United Kingdom

Black Sheep Skate Shop - Charlotte, USA

Blacklist - Cincinnati, USA

Ceñtral Skate Shop - Düsseldorf, Germany

Doodah - Zürich, Switzerland

Instant Skateboard Shop - Tokyo Japan


Lockwood Skateshop - Antwerp, Belgium

Spotaka Skateboard Shop - Osaka, Japan

Streetlab - Malmö, Sweden

WallStreet Skateshop - Lyon, France