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Nature Calls: behind the scenes photographs

Nature Calls - behind the scenes photographs

After much excitement over the initial release of our ‘Nature Calls’ video project by Alexandre Deron and Phil Zwijsen we’ve released our extended version of the video on our Youtube along with some of our favorite photos by French photographer Clement Le Gall.

Nature Calls took the crew through the mountains in all seasons, with numerous “recon” trips to explore and discover some of the most unique, raw and natural skate-able spots.

These photos capture the wild nature of the Pyrenees plus the spirit of Phil and crew approaching skating with an open mind, more like a wilderness expedition, than filming at your classic neighborhood skate spot.

We hope these photos make you want to go outside. 

Check out the new extended version to see what it took the crew to reach and discover some of these epic natural skate-able spots tucked away in the Pyrenes mountains, and all the way to the US, Finland, and Brazil.

Directed by: Alexandre Deron + Phil Zwijsen Edited by: Guillaume Perimony

Skaters: Phil Zwijsen, Jaakko Ojanen, Madars Apse, Nick Garcia, Rafa Cort, Leon Charo-Tite, Vinicius Costa, Vitoria Mendonça, Victor Cascarigny, Cesar Dubroca, Alex Amor.


nature calls element skate
element nature calls skate